Gingham all over!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you guys a huge huge news. I am now part of the Reward Style gals! I am so happy and excited!

Yesterday was my first formal shooting. I was so happy that most of the pictures came out amazingly well. It takes time and practice to achieve perfection, I hope I am on the right path.

So for the shoot I wore my favorite (and most comfortable shoes EVER). They are a dope of the Stella McCartney Platform Lace ups (and so much cheaper).  I’ve mentioned on one of my first posts that I don’t like wearing heels, and this new platform trend has been my salvation! And these, are so comfortable that every time I wear them I feel like wearing sneakers (not kidding). They are from a brand named Seniorah, made in Turkey. Unfortunately, they don’t have any physical or online stores. However, there are some independent stores all over the US that sells them! I bought mine in Miami from an amazing boutique called Etc Boutique. They have these shoes in every color and in different models. They are AMAZING!

I wore some cool jeans from Agacci, I bought them one time I was looking for some basic and comfy ripped jeans (and definitely different than the normal ones, they all look alike!) These are my top one choice when I need to wear something basic on top. They look super nice and different. The best part is the price! Bought them for only $32. YESSS

The top will be one of my favorite things to wear this summer. It is so chick but informal yet classy. Everything in one, AND it is a gingham mixed with colored flowers. How can it get any better!? This one was one of the things I bought from the Zara Semi-Annual Sale. The original price was like $40 and only payed $15.

If you guys wanna buy my outfit you can download the app. Then like or screenshot my picture on my IG account @thebiankastyle. You can find the same or similar choices!! Have fun!



Bianka DSC_0174DSC_0175DSC_0176DSC_0170DSC_0211



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