Creating Content from Home

So yes, it is May and we are still the middle of this insane quarantine (Am I in a movie?). Actually, I really hope I am wrong about saying “in the middle” and it is almost the end of it. I honestly cannot deal with it anymore. I think if I start going around in circles trying to explain the reasons, I am just going to throw out there my conclusion: I am going insane! And I am honestly not scared of embarrassed to say it because of social media. How? Well, social media during these times is the only tool we have to stay connected with our loved ones, it is our only tool to share tips on stuff we are doing and for us to also learn from others. Having the pleasure of owning a digital business, I am one of the people responsible to create content for my audience. At the beginning when it all started, I posted a lot of information and cool ideas of what to cook and also where to find the necessary supplies people needed for the new “Stay home” order.

Phase 2 or what I call : my best stage during quarantine. During the first 2 weeks of staying home, it was so easy for me to share what I was doing. I started cooking every day for every meal just because I was super excited about sharing my recipes. People where engaging with my stories and started getting even more excited. I did spinning because, if you follow me on IG you know I am a spinning freak (or was, before this thing started) I used to wake up every day at 6:30 am and drive to my spinning studio. That was my safe place, and the best way to start a productive day. So once the studio decided it was time to close the doors (and they tried until the last last day), they started renting the studio spinning bikes to regular customers so they don’t loose the momentum! Most of my spinning friends started renting the bike and I was like OMG what is this dream come true, I need it asap! Yes, I got it and it was great during phase 2. I did my spinning class in my living room with Figo looking weird at me. My apartment is super bright and the light reflects on the tv, the way I had the bike placed it was impossible to see the TV (where I wanted to watch classes from my studio with my favorite instructor via IGTV). So I decided I could just put the phone in front of the bike and watch it there. Surprise, after 20 minutes I was so dizzy from watching my phone screen I was done. I tried to keep up and do the best I could but it wasn’t the same workout I felt at the studio. I felt something was missing and I got a little disappointed in the results (obviously, I was eating so much and not healthy).

Then, I decided it was time to try the walking outside in fresh air thing. I started taking Figo on really long walks during the afternoon where the sun is about to go down. Figo loved it and it was new for him because he isn’t used to go out of the gated community where we live to walk around Brickell, Miami! Lucky dog. Long walks around the best city ever, and it was so great. Just put my AirPods on and I spoke to a friend or heard music while doing exercise. When that happened, Figo injured his hips and started to walk with pain. It was obviously a wake up call for me that I can’t make a 6 year old dog with hip problems to walk long distances. So then I stopped doing that as well. I think that is when Bianka went insane. I stayed home every day and only going out for 2 minutes 3 times a day for Figo to pee. Let me remind you I live in a Studio that is very small with a full size Golden Retriever.

It was hard for me to be home all alone doing absolutely everything in the same space. Some days I woke up and I didn’t want to do anything other than watch the TV show I was watching. Or eat, but I just didn’t feel creative enough to start sharing things. Also, I was such in a bad mood for the whole situation that I just said: Ugh! Not doing it.

But after that, I started watching some other content creators accounts and they started inspiring me to try new things. From taking pictures with my camera that I never use, to play with the mirrors in the house to create different backgrounds. I started being a little bit more active on the social platforms and little by little started knowing what I wanted to share.

Here are some of my funnest ideas!

  • Get creative with the kitchen! And your tummy will thank you later!

    2020. The year where cooking home meals became a trend.
    Here are some of the things I shared with my audience through stories. I later posted the recipe of each one.

  • DIY project! I did a tie die of a pair of jeans and it was great. I created content and I also shared my own testimonial on how “easy” it was.

Here is where I tried to die one side of a pair of jeans. Got this inspiration DYI project from another content creator and loved the results! Bleach and done!

  • Move mirrors around the house and sit on the floor for some cute mirror selfies! (throwback)
  • Discovering loungewear sets on different brands and share it to the world. Because loungewear became the new dress code for everyone and I AM THE HAPPIEST!Is it weird to say that I don’t trust people that wear jeans in the house? Like, why and how can that be a comfortable outfit for being in your house!
  • Organizing agenda with work deadlines and also house chores is an important thing. It has helped me so much with my anxiety.

AND the most important thing has been spending time with my four legged baby.

As a person who suffers from anxiety, this whole situation has been extra hard for me. Maybe more than to other people, but I am so proud of my self for how I have handled the situation and stress. The first thing I am thinking about when I feel overwhelmed is that I cannot be so hard with myself. What if one day I want to stay in bed instead of going to the couch or dinning table? What if one day I want to order a burger from Shake Shake and not cook? Everything is ok! I think that using this time to take care of ourselves in body and mind, is extremely important. Every person has their own way of doing it and it is more than ok! Never compare yourself with others, always remember each person is a different world with different feelings and ideas. All I can say is that we will all be ok and I think the post pandemic life will be more awesome because now, we value the little things that we all took for granted. And I cannot wait to see the new normal and how awesome it will be!

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