4 ways to practice self-care

How many times do we hear from friends and family that we should practice self-care? How many times do we feel we are missing something, or we just need something for ourselves but can’t figure out what it is.

For me, these past months have been nothing but me. Being happy, making sure to heal every wound I had. It has been a self discovery period where I learned and keep learning a lot about myself every single day. What makes me comfortable and what doesn’t. Who I like and who I don’t. Eliminating toxic people and situations from my life that were triggers to my anxiety. Focusing on what matters. My family, my dog, my closest friends. But it comes to a point that you realize that is not enough. We need something more for ourselves.

Think about it like a relationship. If you love someone you do nice things for the other person. Things that will make you feel happy because you are making someone you love happy too! It’s the same thing with ourselves. We have to love ourselves SO much that when we start feeling lonely we remember we have ourselves and that’s what matters.

I have created 4 self-care tips I have been practicing and they have helped me a lot. Once you close a chapter in your life you feel so lost, and this has helped me a lot. If you have no idea where to start, you should definitely try some of these. I am not going to be talking about the same ones you hear or read everywhere. These a REAL things that you can do without even thinking they will make you feel better, but as obvious and little they might seem, they have worked for me and I hope they work on you too!

1. Take a long shower at night before you go to bed 

Yea, seems a little obvious for some people. Actually, I have noticed a lot of people already do this! Shocker. I have never been the type of person who showers at night before I feel like I will wake up (used to do it when I went to the gym). Every time I feel anxious, lonely, or with fear of the future. Whatever negative feeling I have, the shower helps you think about other things. Somehow, water has miracles and changes your mood in a second! Every time I take a shower, I sleep like a baby and that is a good thing for the next day. Good sleep = good day.

2. Discover something that makes you want to come home

It might sound dumb. But it has helped a lot. Usually, I wanna be home. You know when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. Or when the anxiety is grabbing you and literally not letting you move. Well, I gotta wake up every day to bring my dog down. So yes, he makes me wake up. I could be working from my bed everyday but I decide not to. That gives me more anxiety and makes me feel like I lost a day of my life. But, I also do like to go out with friends and get my mind off of things. However, it is very important to find something that will make you happy to be alone in your space and something that will make you come back home to be on your “safe place and space”. For me, besides my dog obviously. It is getting hooked on a TV show. Yep, that simple. I am into a show and that makes me want to be alone. That makes me want to come home and feel it as my safe place. Sounds weird? Probably. You can find a book, a space in your home, something that means something to you and makes you value your space.

3. Put on some makeup and just go!

Have you ever had friends that you never go out with. And all of the sudden they just invite you to some plan. I am a very timid person, and I don’t really like going out with people I don’t know. I had to change that if I want to meet more people. So yes, I decided that if someone was going to do something even if I didn’t know the people who were there I was still going to go. And it has been great! I’ve met new people out of my circle, people with stories, advices. And it has been amazing! Plus, how good does it feel to put makeup on, and getting ready… Looking nice at the mirror is something that changes your mindset completely. Builds your confidence and some how just brings out a smile.

4. Even if you love them, just let them go.

I am not talking about romantic relationships. Well, if you need to hear it, it can also be included in this. One of the things that have helped me the most to keep my feet on the ground and keep going is eliminating completely the toxic people in your life. This can be friends, family, acquaintances. People that make you believe they have the best intentions at heart for you but they don’t act like it. Just eliminating people like that from your life is a must. You can love them have great memories with them, be thankful because they were on difficult times. Letting go does not mean forgetting or stop loving them. Letting go is putting yourself first and knowing they are no longer good for you. Or they are not good for you during your healing. Maybe they can come back when you are back to yourself! But at this precise moment, they wont be able to help you and you have to accept that. Sometimes people are not ready to help. Sometimes people have their own problems. You don’t know what people are battling. Me? I have had been such a bad friend for the past months, I haven’t had the energy to hear other people’s problems. During that time my friends probably thought I was the bad friend. But I was just not capable….. So, with that being said. It doesn’t mean that they are not your friends or your family, it just means that you decided that for the moment or permanently, they don’t bring anything positive to you and your life. Try to hang out with people that makes you laugh, listen to you with no judgement, push you everyday to make you feel better and more than that, make you feel that they value your relationship. They value you as you are with problems or with no problems. They value your heart and your soul.

They seem obvious right? I didn’t mention yoga or meditation as everywhere else. Because when I read all of those articles when I needed I really didn’t have the strength to do it. I was like seriously, who does that right now. They probably don’t feel anything. But these are real and some little little things that have helped me go through the week or the weekend.

Most important, know that whatever it is happening to you, it will all be ok. I know, you probably don’t believe it now (trust me I have been there) But it will. Time heals everything if you heal right. Time makes you see things differently. I am another person than what I was before. But always remember, listen to your body! If you need to rest you need to rest. But the most important thing about this is to understand that the world, life keeps going! No one and nothing stops because of you and how you are feeling. Life is so short, don’t waste one more day waiting to feel better to start. Start with the small things… Everything will work out the way it has!

Because life is great!


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