Where do get your eyebrows done in Miami?

So, if you’re like me that think that eyebrows are the most important trait in your face then you will agree with me when I say that finding the best spot with someone that really knows about eye brows is really really hard.

I moved to Miami 3 years ago and after all that time, after trying tons of people and places I can happily say that I have finally found the best spot. I am not only talking about me but the reviews are amazing and that’s why I got there.

I was desperate and I had to ask one of my fellow bloggers (beauty) for a tip of where to get my eyebrows done! She told me about this place and at first I was a little unsure if I should drive all day way up there (its 30 min away from my house).

When I got there I saw the cutest place ever! It is at a beauty mall with full of beauty suites. They have hair salons, nail salons and this brow salon which is so cute! So this first time, my eyebrows were a complete MESS. So long and hairy it was embarrassing! A little secret about me, as a true latina I am hairy LOL.

I was completely impressed by the way she did them with wax of course. The shape was perfect and she even showed me how to put makeup on them. I was so so happy I finally found my spot! Driving back, I remembered how the first times I go everywhere is always perfect, and I started questioning if it was going to be this good every time I go. It was kind of the “too good to be truth” type of thing.

I went again weeks after, they are SO booked that I had to do the appointment a month before……. They were perfect AGAIN! I was like really, LOL. Third time.. PERFECT AGAIN. SO YEP, finally found my spot!

This place is called Browaholics and here is their IG account where you can book your appointment first and thank me later BROWAHOLICS.

Just for you guys to have an idea… I will soon be sharing some selfies I have taken where you can clearly see the perfection of my eyebrows now. I am obsessed and thankful I found this amazing place! Not leaving ever! I love it so much that I was kind of second guessing this post just because they will have more appointments and less space for me… but I love you guys so much that I am willing to share haha.

If you guys decide to go, please send me pictures and reviews! I would LOVE to read them.





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