Miami Fashion Week 101

Miami Fashion Week just ended. I love this time of year in my city. This year however, there was a little bit of drama en misunderstanding between some influencers who decided to not go. I am part of the group who decided to attend the shows and network with people that come for this from around the US and even the world.

I will be honest, I cannot and will not compare this fashion week with NYFW. I mean, this one is smaller and newer. Yes, I know that if you actually searched a little but you know that it has been here for 10 years but when I mean by new is that it is not long since they actually started to work with influencers, big designers and bringing in people from New York that work for NYFW to put their experience into it.

One of my favorite things about this fashion week is that we get to see some cool latin american designers. From Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and so many others. Only that, makes the experience completely different and makes you feel like home. I am a true fan or discovering new upcoming designers and watching them grow by doing their fashion shows here is very cool!

This was my second year attending and it was much better than the last, they are getting better and I do recommend people that live in Miami to go and experience it for at least one show. You will be watching some gorgeous models walk in amazing designs while supporting your city and this event for it to grow. I am positive that it will get better year by year until we become one of the main events in fashion.

I have been asked some questions about how to get in. Well, its very simple! First you wanna go ahead and follow @miamifashionweek to get updates on their events and designer lists for next year! Second, make sure to know when will it be and make sure to buy your tickets! Food and beverage are available there but it is honestly very expensive so if I were you, I would get organized and eat before getting there… But, if you want a drink then good luck to you! LOL

Once you’re there with your mobile tickets, you will go to the main room located when you get in, and make a line to get the actual general admission tickets. There is lines for press, designer guests and general admission. The line is not bad and everybody is there to help you.

After that, just hang out look at some cool outfits from influencers and artists that attend (there are some interesting things to watch!) and in a little bit they will make the call to get in the runway room and grab a seat! After that, just watch and enjoy!

I really hope you guys are in for next year, you wont regret it! It is an awesome experience and you can say you actually attended a fashion show!

Here are some of the pics I took from the shows this year.



  1. Congrats Bianka I really like your blog . Great information about Miami fashion week and the point that you make between MFW and NYFW. I always wish you the best. Xoxo Nayiber Ruiz


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