Conquering my flying phobia

OMG! I recently went on a little weekend trip to El Salavdor for a wedding. I havent been on a plane for more than 6 months (I really had the chance to travel but every time, the phobia comes in and I back out. HOW STUPID)

Let’s begin by telling the story about how I got this phobia. It was out of no where really, I never had any problems flying! When I turned older I started to get nervous on the plane but it was manageable. Then, out of no where on a flight I started to feel as if my blood pressure went down and I felt trapped, as if I couldnt move! That was my first panic attack. If you guys know me and follow my life on Instagram, I’m sure you know I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Back to that day, I started telling the person I was traveling with, that I NEEDED the plane to land because I couldnt do it. I was really feeling bad. If you have had a panic attack you know how the mind is and it takes control of your body and thoughts. Just the fact of thinking that the plane would fall and I would leave my family and dog alone, was something out of my comfort zone and made me go crazy!

After that, I decided I will never fly again without any pills. I took Xanax every time and it was fine, I was ok during the flight! But that didnt take my anxiety of the day (or two) before the trip! I am not kidding when I tell you, I literally did not sleep or eat. I starting seeing everything thinking that it was going to be the last time. I was going crazy and my mind couldnt stop it.

They say that when you have more things to loose, you are more scared of taking risks. Well, I am not sure if it’s that but I probably thought I had less things to lose (though time). Two days before, I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t going… I literally blocked myself from thinking about me being in a plane and I convinced myself that it was not going to happen. Well, OH SURPRISE I slept very well the night before! I was calm when I was driving to the airport and for the first time in a very very long time I actually felt excited about going on a trip!

( I would love to tell you how many trips and experiences I’ve lost because of this stupid phobia, JESUS! can I take back time?)

I did not want to take a chance and have a panic attack in the middle of the flight! I have been experiencing them a lot lately and I couldn’t afford one more. I took literally the minimum I could take of Xanax. (3 times less than what I usually take to fly)… IT WAS AMAZING.  I was relaxed but there, I was actually enjoying the view! I saw the sky, the clouds. I felt good being up there (I think I’ve never had this feeling before).

On the trip back home I did the same thing. And it was great again! (actually better because I was excited to see my dog).

If you suffer from this phobia, I am sure you’ve heard 10000 times from absolutely everyone that

  1. The plane is the safest transportation
  2. Look at the odds! It’s most probably to get struck by a lightning than crushing on a plane
  3.  You’ll be fine!

And so many other things! But no guys, when someone is scared none of that really matters. My advice? The only thing you can do is work with your mind, find the things that work for you and little by little it can go away! I am not sure if mine did, but I am sure I will work on it and I will NEVER say no to a trip again because of the airplane. So what’s the worst that can happen? Yeah, the same thing that can happen while you’re in bed! So why not enjoy the moments? WORK WITH YOUR MIND! ITS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN OUR BODIES, AND ONCE YOU HAVE CONQUERED THAT, YOU WILL OWN YOUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS.

I will keep you guys updated on my next trip, I am going to do it without any pills! Wish me luck!!!! (positivity is the best tool too!)


  1. Wow! Amazing I am so happy for you. I can totally relate with you and it’s crazy what the mind can do. It really sucks I too have had a similar experience and thanks to medicine but first all thanks to God him giving me peace and the ability to calm my mind down I am working through it!
    I’ve been flying since I was 8, alone most of the time. I flew about twice every year, it was a short flight Miami to Honduras. (2.5 hours) I would get very nervous and nauseous but I mananged, still though the fear was intense. This happened every year basically. And I couldn’t get used to it. I didn’t fly for about 4 years( the time just didn’t come) I meet my husband we plan a trip, and since I met him the trips were longggggg and omg that just made me so nervous. Average is 8 – 9 hour flights. I managed but with me I get a fear leading up to the trip. Not on the plane but the days before and day of. It’s severe that I am anxious cannot thing straight or eat because my nerves get the best of me. When we came back from our honey moon, from Rome to Miami I got a pánic attack once we landed we were home and my heart was racing it was the scariest and weirdest experience we went to the er and our welcome home gift we’re some expensive bills as we had no health insurance. Fast forward to when I realized I had an issue the following year.. my husband planned a surprise trip out of nowhere to California, a week in advance. I was excited but my nerves kicked in. That whole week I was miserable, and a walking nerve bomb. I had a severe attack the day before we were going, and we cancelled the trip. At work the day before I was crying like in tears just saying how I couldn’t do this. After that I went to the doctor and I was given xanax also, the lowest dosage. I knew I couldn’t go to the doctor and get medication but I fought it for so long. I am glad I was able to and decided to go. It was the best decision ever. I take half a pill a days before right before bed. My nerves don’t fully go away but man what a difference it makes. I’m not as nauseous, I can eat and have a normal day. Last year I went on 3 trips and by the last one I didn’t felt the need to take it. It’s nice knowing I have it. This year we went on our vacations also and I only had a bad time once but still nothing likenbefore.
    I actually think of all the fun Ill have and as silly as it sounds how blessed and what a luxury it is to fly. Think of the greetings they say, enjoy the flight it will be smooth welcome aboard. Idk I really started hearing to the pilots greeting and it’s all meant to be enjoyed and to me that’s when vacation starts.
    Also I bring coloring books with me they really help me ease my mind and a few books. During turbulence if I read I do not get nervous. It’s the mind
    Also! My make up bag lol I can take long doing my make up, it is tricky doing it in a plane seat but it takes so much concentration.
    These are just some little
    Hacks I’ve been able to do for myself!

    I am so happy for you and I cannot wait to hear how you are mastering this. Here’s to many trips ahead! All the best 🙂


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