Favorite Valentine’s Day outfit ideas!

Favorite Valentine’s Day looks!

So after I’ve seen so many blogs and pictures about Valentine’s, I thought I needed to show you guys the other side of the coin (that’s how we say it in spanish, I’m not sure if the translation makes any sense).

In the US. people love doing this day a huge thing! As if love had to be celebrated only one day a year. I personally don’t believe in that. What I do believe in, is making this day a great excuse to have a cute date with your significant other and make something special, nice and different from any other day or date of the year.

With that said, I’ve seen how girls get dressed for this day. It depends on where you are going but mostly wearing dresses and something pink or red. The colors of love right?  I agree with the colors! But the dresses, or maybe it’s only me that I just love casual looks. And I love the actual trend of mixing casual and formal pieces to create an AMAZING outfit.

Even if it’s for a cool day out or for dinner. I will not wear dresses. I’m sorry girls! It’s just not me. And I will not be forced to only because I’m supposed to (YAS, THE BEST THING ABOUT FASHION)… So I picked out some cool pieces to mix it up a little and create some outfits for this cool day! If you don’t have any idea of what to wear… This is for you!






Bag: Buy here

Pink Shoes: Buy here

Baby Pink Sweater: Buy here

Red Sneakers: Buy here





Cat Eye Red Sunnies: Buy here

Knit Baby Pink Top: Buy here

Red Flounce Top: Buy here

T-Shirt: Buy here

Pink and Red pumps: Buy here

Pink Metallic Pumps: Buy here

White Booties: Buy here

Snake Print Booties: Buy here

Ok, so I know there are many things here. I don’t want to create the outfit for you because every person has a different style and taste when it comes to clothing. But I did go to my go-to stores for fast fashion trends and something I will probably not wear more than twice. Zara, forever 21 and for shoes Nordstrom!

And as every year. I will make a list of gifts for guys so if you have no idea what to give your boyfriend or whatever you guys are. LOL. I got you!





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