New Years Eve with Rent the Runway

One of the reasons I love love blogging is exploring new ways to stay trendy and without spending a lot. I love that about fashion, it’s always about how you style a piece and not about how much it costs.

One of the best subscriptions I have tried is called Rent the Runway. I am completely obsessed with their unlimited plan. I literally have 4 new pieces every 2 days.

For you guys to understand why I love this so much I have to go back and talk about me a little. So many people ask why I don’t spend much money on brands and on good stuff, the answer I always give is because I always get bored of my closet! Why would I spend a lot in something I will probably wear 2-3 times MAX? Sometimes, when it’s something very trendy or colorful, I would wear it once!

So yes, this subscription is for us! The ones that have a HUGE closet but nothing to wear (yes, you). So this is how this goes, you have two options. One is to just rent the piece you like for a special occasion, the price depends on the piece and on the price. I did that once and it worked out great! The other option and this is the one I am using, is the unlimited plan, this is the one you pay a monthly fee and you get 4 pieces every time you want!

So let’s do the math, it takes 2 days to get to your house, you wear them during the week and once you’re done wearing them you can just mail them back. It takes 2 days to get back to the Rent the Runway warehouse and once they check that everything is ok, you’re app automatically let’s you choose 4 more pieces!! Come on, isn’t this AMAZINNNNGGGGGG.

I want to share all of the looks I’ve gotten from them and I promise you guys I will (if you follow me on IG you already saw them) But the reason of this specific blog post is to show you guys my top 5 picks from them for New Years Eve! If you follow fashion, you know that glitter is the MUST WEAR for this holiday. These dresses are still on the page after NYE so if you have a party, wedding or any other thing, you can always get them! But you still have 1 day to get yourself a super cute nice outfit to start your year as you should. By looking fabulous and fashionable! So here are my picks. If you guys decide to get them, please make sure to send me pics! I would LOVE to see how you style them 🙂 PS. I’M LINKING ALL OF THEM HERE TOO! (YOU’RE WELCOME!)

  1. Sequin Blazer Dress 

    Glittery Blazer
  2.  Sequin Renada Dress 

    Sequin Renada Dress
  3.  Zoe Sequin Dress
    Zoe Sequin Dress


  4. Multi Sequin Colored Dress 




  5. Contour Mini Dress
    Contour Mini Dress


    Soooo. Yes, those are my top 5. Just click on the caption of each picture and it will take you directly to the link of the piece I am dying to know if you guys are going to choose any of these. If you do, please take pics! (I said that already, sorry)



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