FAQ about starting a successful IG page

Hey guys!

So I want to share some of the most FAQ I’ve gotten lately from people who want to start their own IG page or blog. I love helping people and I’ve found this new way of helping by giving advice about how to live your dream as I am.

  1. How do I gain followers (the most asked question ever!)

So remember this is only a number. It is important to start monetizing your brand yes, but it’s actually not the most important thing that matters. For me, the thing that matters the most is the content. Create good and valuable content, good quality pictures, creating your own “style” on your pictures by using your own preset on Lightroom. Going back to the followers question, the first thing I always tell people is to have patience, this is not an easy job and followers will not come in a day or a month. Remember to enagage with people that are following you, it’s always important to remind them that you are real! Second, be yourself! People will start following because they like to know how you are, who you really are. There are SO many influencers with amazing pages, so you have to find out a way to stand out, for me just being my self worked just fine.

2. How do I start monetizing my brand?

This is super important. First step, know that you will start doing this as a business and not only as a hobby. Once you have that clear you will start working to grab the brand’s attention. At the beginning, you could start tagging and talk about brands that you already wear. This will let the brands know that one of your goals is to promote certain brands. Depending on your target, brands will start reaching out. I will be lying if at the start you will have to do exchange collabs (free products for a post) remember by starting with free collabs you will have content and you will prove brands that you are reliable and will do a nice job by promoting them. For me, my first paid post was when I had like 4 months doing this. I was so happy and didn’t expect it at all. I learned how to create my own Media Kit, this is a PDF where you will explain your clients how you work and your rates. Sometimes, it’s better to ask for a budget and explain that you can create a personalized plan for them depending on their budget and requirements. You have to understand that this is a job and no one works for free right? If you start accepting free collabs all the time without even sending your media kit or negotiating, your income will come later than expected. Of course brands will prefer to work with someone that will do it for free. But always remember! Your job and time has a price.

3. How to reach out to a big brand?

To be honest, I’ve tried reaching out through Instagram by asking them for their PR email so I can send my Media Kit. Sometimes it works but sometimes they don’t answer. Remember you’re talking about a BIG NAME brand. If you get lucky and they actually answer you with the PR email, make sure to send a well written email explaining who you are and why they would want to work with you. Explain why you are a good fit to the brand and why you are so interested. Most of the big brands work with agencies. So it’s important to start looking and signing up to be an influencer with the agencies. They will do the work for you and you can be matched with brands you wont even imagine!

4. Do I edit my own pictures?

Yes! That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned to do. I like to take photos with different photographers and they all have their own style of editing. If you go to my IG page and see my pics, they all have the same color scheme. I always ask the photographers to send me the unedited images so I can edit them my self and make sure they “match” with my feed. Best apps to edit the pics with for me are lightroom and VSCO. There is so much more than just posting a cute picture with a nice caption, if you’re really into this and you want to make this a business you have to study as every other career. Yes, you wont have to go to college for this LOL but you will have to investigate on how to do everything. In this past year, I learned so much by just googling and reading other blogs about this. And they really work!

5. How to know what to charge for a post?

It depends! It depends on your followers and most of all on your engagement. For me, as I mentioned before it works easier when I ask for a budget before sending my rates. This is because sometimes brands have a little more of a budget than what your think or what your Media Kit says so, and that’s better for us right? If you have other blogger friends, start asking them how much they charge and you will have an idea of how much would be a good fair price for your rates. Once you start growing you can change your rates. It also depends on which brand you’re working for. If you’re working for a small brand, don’t expect for them to have a big budget! Remember there are many other bloggers that are willing to work for free, but just make sure you explain why they HAVE to work with you even with a small budget. If you’re working with a big brand, you know they have a big budget for this, so you can put your rates up a little. One of the things I’ve learned as well is that in this business, as any other you have to negotiate!! Just because they answer your first email saying that they don’t have a budget it doesn’t mean they wont be able to negotiate with you! Start by always explaining who you are, and what you can do for them.


Brands wont want to work with you if you don’t have good quality pictures and you’re not creative with your captions.

I hope these 5 tips work and if you’re new in this, start reading more on how to begin and start learning everything you can! Always keep in mind that this learning process takes time and you will make mistakes, but learn from them and always keep learning new things! And most of all… Make sure you LOVE doing this, trust me. Brands and followers will notice if you’re doing this only for the money, or because it’s your true passion. ❤

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Me 🙂


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