Blogger = Human

Hey guys!

I haven’t had the chance to write in such a long time! So yes, we all need some social media break and I have been going through so many personal things that I haven’t had the energy or time to write on the blog.

This blog goest to other bloggers who understand when I say that people who see us behind a social media platform think that we are not humans. We are! We have feelings, ups, downs and we fall like everybody else! So, for obvious reasons I will not explain what I am going through, but it has been hard, and doing this has been even harder…

I feel that, as a blogger and mostly insta blogger I always have to demonstrate positivity and a smile in front of everyone and mostly in front of the camera. So, for the people who think that being a blogger is SO easy, trust me that in moments like these, it’s the hardest job you could imagine. It’s not like you get to go to an office and sit down, with your crying face and not talk to anyone. Nope, you have to stand up get dressed put your makeup on, go to events and smile and be the best version of yourself. No one knows what’s going on in your life…. I actually got inspired to write this blog post because during Miami Fashion Week, I got to meet some amazing people and we got to talk and I was telling them about what I was going through and I never imagined to get the reaction I did, from every single one of them. They just saw me and said, wow you are so brave and you should seriously be proud of yourself not everyone has the power to do what you’re doing with everything that’s going on. No one could even imagine it because what I promised myself is, every time I walk out the door, my problems stay inside.. They won’t come with me.

And no, it’s not called hypocrisy and it’s not called being fake as I guess people would think. For me, it means that I am brave and very strong. Life is hard on everybody, no one has a perfect life… But when you’re at a point where I am, you can’t afford to be in bed for days being depressed…. Life goes on, my job goes on and my dream gets bigger and bigger everyday.

What bothers me the most about how people think about us bloggers is that we have the perfect life, the perfect job and we are SO lucky to get free stuff, being recognized when you’re somewhere. I’m not saying we’re not. I mean, it’s the BEST job ever! For me at least, I’m literally living my dream… But social media can show something that is not real. I mean yes, of course I want to show people my life and my outfits and how happy I am, I would never be crying on the camera or show my insecurities or what I am going through, but that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect! And it’s ok! It’s ok to show your human side, your other side. It’s ok for people to relate with your life! Even if it’s not “perfect”.

We have days that we want to quit as everyone else, we have days that we feel things are going the other way we wanted to and that makes us sad, tired and just overwhelmed. But that doesn’t matter, I can’t not show up to work….. I still have to go on pretending as if nothing is happening.

Coming back to the part of how people see us, they see us as super women who can do everything, and yes at some point we are. We have to handle our social media, our personal life and if anyone has another job, that as well! It’s hard and soooo exhausting!

So what does it mean being a blogger during a hard time in our personal life? It means, it doesn’t matter what’s going on! We have out agendas filled up weeks before and many times we cannot cancel events or photoshoots, it’s our job! And for me, it’s more than that, for me it’s my passion and dream. No one really knows how much we have to put aside to become successful in this field, sometimes we even have to quit on relationships or friends that are just not supportive and as sad as it sounds, we have nothing in common anymore! This is more than a job, is a way of living and if you don’t have a person besides you who values, admires you and is into what you’re doing……. It just doesn’t work!

Yes, probably you know what I’m talking about…. But when you become a blogger and you star achieving your goals day by day by working hard, you really open your eyes and know what you need and who needs to be besides you. Having a correct support system is one of the most important things while doing this. Someone who calls you in the morning and makes you stand out of bed and reminds you of how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing and how many other girls would love to have the opportunities you have and I am SO grateful that I have my support system and the people who surrounds me are positive and push me to be better every day.

As a conclusion, I want to tell everyone who’s reading this that it’s OK to not be OK! And for anyone who relates to what I’m talking about, you’re getting there! Happiness is waiting for you right around the corner. Work hard and be determined to achieve your goals even if you think you’re not going to make it. Trust me !!! You will! ❤

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated” – Maya Angelou




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