Belt bags for everyone

Monday! Time for a short trend tip.

This is a trend that I am currently loving and curiously I am writing this one before I grab one!


Seriously, I’ve seen some looks with them and I can’t get enough. They make the outfit look so complete and amazing.  I can’t even imagine how comfy it has to be. Imagine just not worrying about carrying your bag or where to put it when you get somewhere.

There are some gorgeous expensive onces like Gucci, Prada or Celine, but there are also some really affordable ones! I love the fact that we can always have a trend in out closets no matter our budget.

I’ve been looking for one for such a long time that I have a top list for you guys to choose from too! They’re all so cute and versatile! Love all the colors and textures! And of course, for every budget!

Ok so here they are

1.GUCCI can never go wrong

gucci belt bag
Buy here


2. Studded 

Buy here


3. Red one and affordable

Buy here


4. Yellow ? why not

Buy here


5. Under $20

Buy here


Ok so these are my top 5 and I included the link to all of them in case you wanna check them out. Most of them come in different colors to choose from.

I’m gonna try one and for sure share pictures on my IG make sure to check it out too!

The Bianka’s Style

And let me know if you bought one!!!!!!!!!! I want pics ❤




The Bianka’s Style

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