Tan and ready with the best!


So as you all know, I am fortunate enough to live in Miami. The best city in the world if you ask me. The best weather, people and places!

One of the best things about this city is that you get to tan a lot. Unfortunately, for us who work and can’t be at the beach or pool every day or weekend it’s hard to keep up on our natural tan and sometimes when we wanna go out and wear a cute skirt or dress…. We are white, at least I feel white. LOL

To be honest, I’ve tried literally all of the “self-tanning” products on the market. I didn’t like any and wouldn’t try them again. One of them even left my legs very dark…. the color kept getting darker minute by minute. Others were impossible to take them off and they stained my sheets when it was time to go to bed. Others left my skin dry and looking weird.

But, I recently discovered THE BEST self tanning lotion EVER! And I had to share it with everyone. They are the famous Tanceuticals Self Tanning Lotion.

Why do I say they are the best? Because they are ranked #1 on the  www.selftanning.com page. And yes, it’s very reliable.

They have self tanning lotion for body and face! I’ve never tried one on my face and I recently did to go to an event and I didn’t even have to wear much makeup because the lotion took care of it. Look at how great and natural it looks:


I am obsessed with this product. Wait, wanna hear the best part? They even have a Pre-Tan exfoliator to make sure your skin looks glowing when you apply the product. They have a Wash-off bronzer that works like body makeup to perfect and darken your tan for a special event or night out. At the end of the night, just shower to take the color off and you won’t ruin your pj’s or sheets (THE BEST PART). They also sell a tan extender to keep your skin looking tan as much time as possible. Oh wait, AND you don’t have to worry about staining your hands while you apply it. It comes with a glove that is so soft and makes the applying part SO easy. I apply the products on my legs literally in less than a minute and they look perfect. You don’t have to worry about making sure they look darker in some places because the glove applies the product evenly in every place.



You guys trust me on this one, if you wanna have the perfect tan and don’t have time for the natural sun one. This is THE one. I would get it non-stop and it’s a miracle.

You will look so naturally tan that no one would guess you’re using self tanner.

So there you have it, my little secret on how I look tan and I now feel like a Miami girl EVERY DAY. How exciting! I now get to wear all of the things I couldn’t because I felt I was super white!

I hope you guys find this helpful and if you do decide to get them just click on this link Get them now and get the products you feel will fit the best (I would definitely recommend to get everything) it’ll last and it’s the best investment EVER!

Oh and if you do decide to get them, I would love to hear about your reviews and I am sure you’ll thank me for this one!



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