Cyber Bullying to Bloggers

So yes, I never thought about writing this post on my blog. Never thought I actually needed to or wanted to. But today something happened and I feel like I really have to write it and express how I feel and just let everybody who’s been through the same, that you’re not alone!

As bloggers, we all have a lot of personality to post what we post and if we decide to do this, we know that we are going to share everything about us and that means people can like us or hate us. Thats normal, I mean come on… We all have that person we just don’t like… We get every follower to get to know us through our Instagram posts and most of all stories.

When I do an Instagram story I really do it as I talk with other people, I am my self because that’s what I want to show everyone and I want people to like me because of who I really am.. (and of what I’m wearing too LOL)…

Today, I got a very nasty comment in one of my pictures. To be quite honest, I do get some DM’s from people that are simply haters and think that they have the right to be mean and hurtful with others. I don’t respect it and do nothing about it, it’s just another day at the office lol.. But when I start getting VERY mean comments from the same person, I call it BULLYING> CYBEY BULLYING!!

Definition: Cyberbullying is a form of harassment using electronic means. Yes, that means through social media!

Not only because I am a “Fashion Blogger” and dress nicely and go to nice events with nice people, means I don’t have feelings. Yes, to be quite honest they don’t hurt! I am strong enough to just laugh about it (I literally called my best friend and laughed so hard about it)… But it’s not OK!

It’s not ok to read mean and hurtful things coming from other people who probably don’t even know us! It’s hurtful to know that the same mean comments can go to others that probably don’t take it a well as I do and they can really hurt a person and even get them depressed or make them stop doing what they’re doing. I mean, is that what they want? I don’t want to think theres THAT type of evil in this world…

I see Instagram or other social media platform as a place where we can express our selfs doing whatever we like! Cooking, being a mom, being healthy, showing fashion tips… EVERYTHING IS OK!

I am very thankful for what life has given me and that I can call this my 2nd job. I am starting to see the results of every effort I made and every sleepless night I had working on my pictures and planning on what to do next… If you don’t know what a blogger is, you should really try understanding that it’s not just sitting around with your phone taking selfies. For me, it’s my business and my personal brand. For me, it’s my dream come true and the only thing I’ve done in my life with passion and love.

From putting yourself out there to brands and other bloggers to learn how to pose and take the perfect picture, it takes time and a lot of effort to become a good blogger. I want to express that I do not respect nor accept any type of cyber bullying against any of us! No one knows how hard we work and how tough it is to be good at this and be successful.

I want to take out the positive part about this negative “inconvenience” I had today. I am VERY happy and excited I got the comments and all of the DM’s from people.. why? because that means that I’m doing things RIGHT! That I’m being noticed and that people actually know who I am and what I’m doing and not doing. Love that!

I know this post has nothing to do with fashion, but I really needed to write something about it. Just to leave it somewhere and never forget. Because one day, when I become the big blogger that I want to (and will, with hard work and effort as I’ve been doing since I started) I will remember this post and be happy that I took it the best way possible and from now on, start learning that not caring is the best answer you can give to anyone who is trying to hurt you.

So if you’re one of us and you’ve been hurt before by mean comments, just let it go! And know that if you have those comments in your page / feed… That means you’re doing things right.. So keep on doing what you’re doing because YOU ARE GREAT and AWESOME!!!



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