The “clear” trend

I was at the airport and I figured, why not buy a magazine? I have to to tell you guys something that has been very embarrassing, I’ve had a writers block for a while now and I’ve found it very hard to find a good topic to talk about. Not only good but something that will catch everybody’s attention and it could be interesting to read…. I thought if I got a magazine I could get inspired on any topic and just star writing while I’m in the place. (Did I mention I am very scared of flying?) So anything that keeps me busy will help me very much! I went to the store and got ELLE magazine. It was the first I saw that had the word “FASHION” on the cover so I immediately thought I was going to find something that I needed. 

I sat down and started going through it and I found one article that actually caught my attention. To be honest, I don’t read any fashion magazines, I did before but you can find everything online now a days so I haven’t had the need to. 

Back to the theme, I saw 3 pages dedicated to one of the trends that every time I see it, I feel that it looks cheap and it’s too extreme for me……… It’s “barely new” and as I now know, we’ll be seeing it a lot on 2018. I call it the “clear trend” because it involves plastic, glass and every other texture that is actually transparent. From Chanel to Celine, all of these high end fashion houses had at least one item that was transparent and it was one of the trends that most designers had in common. For me, that’s the sign that we will see it a lot soon. 

Spring 2018

Chanel showed us some extremely wild over the knee clear boots. The trend looks kind of “clean” right? I feel like you can go over the top with the clothing because you’ll be clear with the shoes LOL.

They showed us some clear totes too. I love that the even if it looks like it’s plastic, it still looks like a Chanel. Little details are what makes the difference right!?


Celine launched a “must have clear bag”. I love this one!!!



Jimmy Choo, lauched their glass slippers…. These have crystals and a straw heel. These are pretty amazing and it’s one my favorite pieces of their last collection 


Some of these are extreme and some are very stylish! Don’t get me wrong.. Not all of them are for everybody! 

I’ve explained this many times… Not only because a trend comes out, it means that you have to use it! CHOOSE WISELY. And make sure that the trend is part of your personal style! 

What surprised me the most about the pieces, is the capacity of these designers to make plastic look expensive!!! AND awesome! Come on, you know you want them. 




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