My top 3 trends to keep wearing on 2018

New Year, new trends, new look! Right?

I really thought about writing this post for a while now but I was kind of confused on how to write it, I have so many things to write about when it comes with new year trends. I finally decided that for this first post of the year, I will just list 3 of the things I will keep wearing for sure on 2018.

We are living in a very fast paced world. In fashion, we suffer the most (LOL). We see trends come and go so fast that i’s very difficult to keep up. Come on, it’s imposible to have your closet filled with all of the latest trends. I always try to mix it up with things I already own before and use it with trendy items. As you know and if you follow me on instagram The Bianka’s Style, I love wearing statement items with simple ones. I am a true believer that less is more…. What makes your outfit pop? Security, smile and attitude. Ok, and of course at least ONE trendy item.

What not to ditch in 2018

1. Denim Jacket

There is one thing that I really thing will not stop wearing on 2018 (or ever!). I will probably wear it more than in 2017, This is my favorite denim jacket. EVER.  It is a ripped light denim jacket from TopShop:

denim jacket
Buy here

I wear this one with everything, I even wear it with gym leggings! Jeans, shorts, skirts. Everything. This is definitely my go to item when I want to give my outfit a final touch. It explains perfectly how to convert a simple and boring outfit to a simple but fun and stylish outfit. Not only the “oversized” look, but the ripped look gives the outfit a trendy look.

2. Booties 

This trend has been within us for so long. However, we saw more of these on the last couple of months of 2017. So many colors, textures and shapes. Unlimited options depending on people style and taste. There are some I would never wear and there are some that I absolutely love. Lets say for example, I would seriously never wear white booties. I hate them and I think they look very tacky. (oops) . But I would definitely wear silver ones! I got ones and they are amazing! So comfy. But my total favorites will be these snake pattern ones I got from Steve Madden. I love to style them and wear them as a statement item in any outfit.

Buy here

3. Oversized Pieces

This is probably my favorite. I have been wearing it for so long! I love it because it gives the look such a stylish touch. Some people don’t like it and think that it looks like a costume of as if I would be wearing someone else’s clothing. But I have to be honest. I LOVE IT! I’ve tried with jeans, t-shirts and mostly jackets and sweaters. Unfortunately, I live in Miami and I can’t wear these oversized jackets and sweaters all year long, and trust me! I would love to! LOL. I think this trend will be huge on 2018. We see it on celebrities, famous bloggers and in runways.

This “oversized” look is one that comes back after many years. My mom used to wear oversized shirts when I was a baby. 80’s? Some things are meant to be saved in a storage room for years….. It will come back later and I’m sure my daughters will appreciate that gesture. Ha. I really wished my mom saved some for me!

So I want to share some of the things I bought. All of the jackets are very affordable and are still on sale. I hope you get the, trust me! They look even better in person.


Red Sweatshirt: H&M

Nude Sweater: H&M

Denim Jacket with red Faux Fur: Nasty Gal

Black Denim Jacket: Nasty Gal

Next post will be about some of the trends that you will definitely want to ditch this year. Stay tuned!









Ok so now I’ll mention one trend that I don’t like anymore. This is the fringed jeans. OMG, they are horrific. I tried, I wont lie! I tried with white jeans and normal blue denim but I never actually wore them. I always had a problem with them. Never knew what shoes to wear with because I didn’t want to feel and look as if I was wearing a costume (I’ve seen some people with them and the look is not nice… LOL) I tried so hard that I just decided that trend isn’t for me. Yes, they looked fun! But yes, I failed and couldn’t styled them as I wanted to. DITCH ALERT!


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