Very last minute Christmas Gifts for him

Hello Hello!

So Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure many of you haven’t had the time to buy everyone on your list their gifts. Most of us leave it for last minute which is good and bad. Good because we get ideas from everywhere of what would be a good gift (Somehow, gifting guys is always harder, am I right?) And bad because maybe what you want, could be out of stock. And that has happened to me a lot!

The amazing thing about living in this era, is that you can get everything online and you don’t even have to get out of your house to buy gifts. Even if that is amazing for all of us, I do feel kind of bad for the people who work at USPS, UPS and other shipping companies… Can you imagine what they’re going through these days?

Ok, so going back to what I wanted to show you guys…

After looking at some amazing options, I made a top 10 list of cool and affordable ideas of gifts for him to make your Christmas shopping a little easier (4 days left!)

For me, buying gifts for guys have always been the hardest, I have no idea of what to give them! It seems like they have everything LOL. But when it comes to girls, omg I can’t even choose the right one because there are so many options out there. Who’s with me on this one? (ha..)

So these are my top 10.

#1 Craft Beer Maker 

I seriously think this is every guys dream. Who wouldn’t want to make their own beer at home?

Buy here


#2 JBL Portable Speakers


Buy here


#3 Briefcase

A Robert Graham briefcase on sale!

Robert Graham
Buy here


#4 Classic Lacoste Polo

I don’t know a guy who doesn’t own a polo. For me, the Lacoste ones are the best. I love the color and the quality is pretty good for the price. The more the merrier 😉

Polo Lacoste
Buy here


#5 Nike Running Shoes

Even if they don’t exercise! If they get a cool pair of shoes, they will start!

NIke Running Shoes
Buy here


#6 Apple Watch Series 1


apple watch
Buy here

#7 Tumi Camo Wallet

Ok, this one is super stylish. I love the informal but formal part of it and the colors are amazing.

Tumi wallet
Buy here


#8 Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa)


Buy here


#9 Drone

If this is for your hubby, this gift will be for you as well. SO FUN!


Buy here


10. Apple TV series 4

Same as #9. You will use it more than he does? Maybe? LOL


apple tv
Buy here


These are great and affordable gift ideas and you will make them very happy!

I linked everything to pages where you will get them before Christmas (Like amazon, Walmart or other stores that are offering free 2 day shipping).

I hope you liked them and if you decide to get any, comment bellow! I would LOVE to know!



(Not saying Happy Holidays just yet. More posts to come before Christmas…)

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