Velvet I kinda like you….

OMG I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I am starting to like this whole velvet trend. I have to be honest and tell you guys that I HATED this trend. Probably because I saw it on horrible tops and yes, lets be honest… Cheap velvet looks HORRIFIC.

I’ve been finding some cool velvet items lately that I decided to give a try. I now have 3 items. A top a pair of culottes and blue velvet booties . (I’ll link everything on the end of the post)

When it comes to fabric this complicated, you have to make sure you get something that doesn’t look cheap. It doesn’t have to be expensive… It just has to look good, BIG difference! Usually you will notice right away what type of velvet looks nice. I’ve been noticing lately that velvet is very versatile and easy to wear. I’ve been using my items non-stop and can’t wait to find some more.


  • Velvet pants with a cute basic or graphic tee and a pair of sneakers DONE
  • Velvet boots, with a pair of jeans, pants or shorts and a cute blouse top tee (whatever really)
  • Velvet tee, with any pant you want just not velvet and any shoes booties heels.

Before you decide if you love or hate this trend you must feel comfortable wearing something that will definitely catch everybody’s attention… Try getting something in darker colors, I haven’t seen anything in lighter colors that look nice, those are the ones that look very cheap and are not stylish (not for me anyways)… If you want to try the trend get a pair of black velvet pants…. They will be a great addition to your closet and you will be able to mix it with almost everything! Plus, they’re so versatile… Style it with sneakers or heels.. 🙂

Who doesn’t love versatile items anyways? It’s like having two different items in your closset!

So these are the ones I bought and LOVE! Trying out new trends and things you thought you hated (just because people don’t know how to wear them) is always a good idea! Try different styles, fits and colors and I’m sure you’ll find one that you LOVE!! Trust me! And if you don’t that’s ok too! Remember not everything is for everyone!

blue velvet boots
Blue Velvet Booties


velvet pants
Black Velvet Culottes


This is how I wore two of the items I just showed you! What do you think about this outfit? I broke some rules and it came out very cool! I loved this one!

PS. These are two of my favorite bloggers and friends.

Left: Juanita Londono. Right: Daniella Duque



Happy weeknd!


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