My first Fashion Blogger’s Brunch!

Hello hello!!! 

I am very excited to be writing this one. I wanted to tell you about my fist blogger’s brunch! I met some amazing and talented girls that inspire me so much! 

So the brunch was hosted by this amazing cafe called Cafe Roval it’s located in Miami and trust me, if you ever come to Miami you have to go there. Not only the food and drinks (that were absolutely yummy) but the place is GORGEOUS!

I ordered a Blody Mary and then a White Sangria, they were both really good! We got some appetizers and after that I ordered a Falafel Salad. OMG I can’t even explain how DELICIOUS that was! I can’t wait to get back and try some other plates.


There was 12 of us and we had a BLAST! We talked about fashion and on how we all started doing what we love. We took some pictures OF COURSE.. We had such a positive energy between all of us that we cannot wait to get together again! 


I am very happy to be a part of this awesome group of #girlbosses LITERALLY. We all have different styles and goals and that is why we will NEVER be each other’s competition, because we are different. We are better together and we rise by lifting others ( I LOVE THAT QUOTE SO MUCH)… 

If you are a blogger and feel like you should be having a competition with other bloggers, you’re not on the right job my friend! You need to know that you are YOU because of your style! If you’re unique trust me, you have nothing to worry about. 

“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”

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