NYFW 2017 top 5 favorite trends

After reading many articles and blog posts about NYFW… I picked my top 5 favorite trends.

Before I start, I wanted to say something really important! I think some people are doing fashion wrong! I’ve seen many girls wearing the “it” trend from head to toe and it doesn’t look good…. You should all know that fashion doesn’t mean wearing everything that is “in” at the same time or if it doesn’t suit you. Fashion means grabbing the trend and style you like most and making them YOURS by mixing them with your style and adding your personal touch….

Ok, so after saying that let me begin. These are MY favorite fashion trends, the ones I feel more identified with and the ones that will definitely be part of my wardrobe without changing my personal style!!!

1. Stripes all over the place!

  • Sea Side Stripes 

This trend means wearing stripes inspired by beachwear and ocean… Meaning towels, umbrellas, bay watch…. You know what I mean right?? Most of them will be mixed between any color and white. You could wear it as a blouse, dress or skirt. It goes with everything and they are super easy to style them with any accessory including every type of shoe. (ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS WEARING THIS TREND WITH WHITE SNEAKERS)…. Yes, you will be reading the word SNEAKER a lot in this post, it’s all I can think off!

  •  Banker Stripes

I love this term! It has the perfect explanation of what they are. I think this trend has been going on for the last seasons and it seems it will remain “in” for a long time. This is one of the trends that most of the designers had in common. This one is inspired by Wall Street….. The stripes are usually blue and white and they look like the ones we see in men shirts and/or suits. Made into blouses, blazers, pants and cool shirt-dresses, this trend will be for sure one of my favorite. I mean, stripes and  in blue ??? Can it get any better!? If you know me, you know this is definitely a signature of my style.


2. Khaki or nudes in every way

Who doesn’t love a pair of khaki pants or a gorgeous khaki trench coat? Designers are now using this color and style as a base to create tons of designs…. They all have the “utility” feeling… One of my favorite is definitely the khaki over the knee boots. I mean, OMG… Why didn’t I think of that before? I would definitely wear them with jeans or shorts. AHG I love the color!!! We’ve seen the khaki dress before… I think I had one years ago but gave it away, I guess they’re back!!! That’s what I love about fashion! Some trends always come back after some time and stronger than ever 🙂 Which one is your favorite??



3. Yellow color… in every shape and shade

We always have seen yellow pieces everywhere, I think it’s a cool color and it’s been somewhere in every season. However, lots of us don’t feel that the color goes well with our skin tone or hair color.right?.. Usually, for summer the yellow is really bright and for winter the yellow is really pale… So, which one to use and in which season to buy the blouse we like????? Apparently, this NYFW showed us that yellow is coming out stronger than ever and in every shade!! Meaning that we can get what we want without worrying about the our features combining with the color!! YASSSS… Options options and more options!



4. Shoulders will still be out! 

So as we all know, the off shoulder trend has been in the past seasons and we’ve seen it everywhere!!! Who doesn’t have at least one off-shoulder blouse or dress in our closets? I have tons and I love the way it looks… It gives a feminine look and goes with everything..

  • One shoulder cut out

On this NYFW we saw 2 types of “shoulder look”… The first one is the one shoulder cutout… This one has a similar style as the off-shoulder.. but it only shows one shoulder. (of course, duh)… It gives a a cool look to any sweater even a sweatshirt. Yep, this one is definitely going to be a big one! I’m sure we’ll see tons of these on our favorite stores soon..

single shoulder

The “flash dance shoulder”

“This season if it isn’t off the shoulder it isn’t right” – elle.com

That is just the best explanation I’ve ever read… And yes, it seems the off shoulder is still here and we will see more of this trend for a long time. This is one of the trends that I’m sure we all have and love. It’s so simple yet classy. And we can find it in every color and shape we can imagine!


flashdance shoulder

5. White dress shirt, AGAIN.

Yes, the white dress shirt is here again. Or did it ever leave? .. I’m loving white lately and it’s my new go-to look for any occasion (not for a wedding guest though, LOL) I have so many white shirts and sweaters. It’s a color that gives us light and makes our face look so much better!  A white dress shirt is something you HAVE to have, if you’re planning on going on a shopping spree soon, you should definitely add this one to your list. My favorite part is that it’s SO versatile that you can mix and match depending on you style. (I see myself wearing with sneakers. of course). You can wear it many times with different accessories and people won’t even notice!  Trust me! You can pull this one off, doesn’t matter your age, skin color and shape.. Please send me pictures if you do!

white shirt dress.jpg

I love fashion.. I love trends, and what I love the most is that I can express my self through out my style and by selecting the things I like. I will NEVER wear something I don’t like or something that doesn’t look good on me just because it’s “in” That’s my #1 rule when it comes to fashion.

I hope you guys liked my favorite trends and if you decide to get any of them please send me pictures! I love knowing that what I write can inspire people by choosing the right pieces when it comes to shopping. 🙂








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