Bye bye Irma!

This post isn’t about fashion, trends or style. This post is an update about my last few days that were full of worries and stress… As you all know, there was a HUGE hurricane hitting Florida this weekend (Irma). I live in Miami, and we were getting hit pretty hard… Seriously, this past week was one of the worst one I’ve ever had….

I didn’t sleep for the past 6 or more days because I was so worried about each National Hurricane Center update. 11pm, 2am, 5am, 8pm, 2pm and so, everyday every week. I know it sounds insane but believe me, this was the biggest and most catastrophic hurricane to ever hit the US.

The biggest stress and decision we had to make was if weather we should evacuate or just stay home, staying was an option because we are lucky enough to live in a building that is hurricane proof.  However, there is NO hurricane proof windows or building that can stand a Category 5 hurricane. It would be devastating and the city would practically be destroyed. Yes, like the horror movies!!!

So the hurricane was coming soon and we HAD to decide if we were leaving or not. On Wednesday night, we got a hotel and decided to leave Thursday morning to Orlando. The trip is usually 3 hr 30 min and it took us 8hr 30min to get there. EVERYBODY was evacuating and so scared.. Fun Fact: This was the biggest evacuation in  US history….. People were going crazy and I felt like I was part of a movie… So we arrived to Orlando Thursday night and went to bed, we were SO tired from all the driving. We woke up Friday morning and went to get some groceries and water just in case we couldn’t leave the apartment after Irma.

Some friends came from Naples (west coast) on Friday because they needed to evacuate, the hurricane shifted west on the last minute and they were getting a direct hit. We spent Saturday trying to get some extra goodies for the hurricane and we were ready to go. We were all so nervous and didn’t know what to expect while and after, this thing was moving so slowly and changed it’s path so quickly that we didn’t know what we were into.

D-Day: Sunday night, we were playing cards and waiting to hear the wind and rain…. It started at about 7-8pm, only rain and wind…. We had power, water and everything was fine! 11pm: something green lit up in the sky and apparently it was the power pole exploding because of the wind…. Of course, we lost power and that’s when the scary part begins! Everybody thought it was a good idea to go to sleep, but me and another friend decided to wait and see what was really going on outside. The trees were moving and the leafs started to fall, the rain was so heavy that I felt everything was going to be under water. The wind makes the weirdest and scariest sound I’ve ever heard…… It was bad and that made me super nervous.

We saw on the radar and this thing was going to last all night long… so we decided to go to bed and try to sleep while it passes… I don;t know how but I felt asleep and woke up Monday morning at 8am… I looked out the window and the wind was still very strong! We went outside to see the damage and the trees were in the ground, leaves all over the place…… Nature is so strong and we take it for granted.

We decided to drive back to Miami the same Monday after learning that our building was ok and the access was clear. Everyone was coming back on Tuesday and I think the traffic would’ve been really bad!

The city cleaned up fast so we didn’t see much damage from the highway, but we did see many trees and power lines on the floor. We were SO lucky that the hurricane slowed down and lost it’s wind speed after touching Cuba. It was coming as a cat 4-5 and it made landfall as a 3 and on the West Coast. Miami is safe for now and we all should be grateful we didn’t get it as bad as other countries.. Cuba, Puerto Rico, Barbuda, Turks & Caicos….

I’m sad and worried about all of the people who lost their homes or their lives on Irma’s path. All of the islands who got hit, people who lost everything… It’s just so sad…. I hope this is a reminder to all of us that we should care about the world and nature, how we should all work together as a team to help restore what the earth has lost. …. Thankful for everyone who is alive and thankful for life……. As soon as I know any way to help the people in need, I will definitely post so we can all do so!






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