10 things about me

So I was nominated on Instagram by two of my fellow bloggers to post a picture of me and share a list of 10 things people didn’t know about me. I decided to write a post about it because I really love sharing things about me with everyone! So here’s the list:

  1. Did you know I was born and raised in Ecuador, South America? I’m half American and half Ecuadorian. My mom is from Ecuador and my dad is American, so that’s why I have both nationalities 🙂 And yes, if you’re wondering: Spanish is my first language.
  2. I married an Ecuadorian guy 2 years ago and then moved to Miami. We decided to come to the US because he was going to do his Masters in Law. After he graduated, we were lucky enough to have found two great jobs here, so we decided this was the place to be.
  3. My family consists of us and my four legged kid. His name is Figo and he’s a Golden Retriever. He is literally our kid and we could not live without him.
  4. As you know, I have a true passion for fashion. But I have a second passion that is helping other people who are in need. I’ve done tons of community service and I love doing it.
  5. Some of you think I’m younger but I turned 28 in July this year. (I love when people tell me I look younger so please keep the comments coming)… LOL
  6. One of the best experiences I ever had was going to boarding school in Orlando when I was 16. I met amazing people from all around the world and we actually keep in touch. (my first roommate from boarding school was my Maid of Honor in my wedding).
  7. My free time means watching Netflix. I actually think that I’ve seen all of the TV shows on there. Any recommendations….?
  8. I am obsessed and addicted to popcorn. I can eat it every day and for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I’ve even googled if there’s a name for a popcorn addiction.
  9. My grandma was born in Lithuania and was a Holocaust Survivor. (Best fact ever).
  10. I LOVE chocolate. If it’s a dessert it has to have chocolate. I mean come on, who thinks differently? HA

And that’s it for my list. I hope you guys learned some things about me and have things in common!!







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