So this week I received some really nice gifts from Groopdealz. This is a web page where you can find a great variety of deals, from fashion to home decor. Everything is super nice and affordable! What I loved the most about this page, is that everything comes from boutiques all over the country that you probably didn’t even know they existed!!

20952300_10159104181025007_160687745_o.jpgDid I mention I love receiving gifts and trying new things? Specially when it comes to discovering new small boutiques, I think they have the best stuff ever and you’ll probably never see anyone wearing the same thing as you, WHICH IS AMAZING!

So the first item I received was a super cute muscle top. I LOVED the color and the material, it’s so soft and comfy! The design is super nice and it literally fits PERFECTLY. This one is only $13.99. Isn’t this price a steal? This top is from a boutique called: Beadsbee Boutique. Even though I don’t have muscles, I think it looks really nice on me. LOL

Cute huh? And they have the same top in many other colors!! The good thing is that when you buy something, you know where’s it from, so in case you want another one and it’s not available in Groopdealz anymore, you can always go to the Boutique’s webpage and get it directly from them… AND make sure to check out their other stuff while you’re at it.

20931126_10159104179900007_1488352952_oOh you guys are going to LOVE the second item. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get for a long time but never really found the perfect one! Well, Groodealz had it! It’s a message beach hat. Let me begin talking about the color, it’s literally the best shade of brown for a hat. I am obsessed with this one. The second thing I love the most, is the printed message on it. Isn’t it perfect? The third but most importantly, it is SUPER comfy. Not heavy at all and it fits my head. (Weird statement, I know. But, I think my head is a little big and it’s kind of difficult for me to get a hat that fits comfortably). Wait for it….. The BEST part of it all…….. it’s only $10 on Groopdealz!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, WHAT!?!?!?! How can you not get this one?? It’s a MUST have…..

This hat is from a boutique called: Cents of Style .On their web page, this hat is $25…. So yeah, $15 less??? I think you should go for it. HA!

So last but not least, I received a really cute, comfy lightweight kimono. The design is super original and the colors are PERFECT together. I wore it yesterday and got so many compliments on it I’m not even kidding. Who doesn’t like getting compliments right?


This kimono is only $11.99. Isn’t it cute?! I am in love with this one. You can wear it with leggings, black pants, jeans, any short color, white jeans, ripped jeans, literally with EVERYTHING. Just wear something basic under it and this piece will the outfit the perfect stylish look we all want to have! This gorgeous kimono is from a boutique called Mostly Mia. They have some really cute stuff and from the experience I have with this one, the quality of their things is great!

So after reading this and looking at the pictures, you really are thinking about going to Groopdealz right? I mean, you HAVE TO! If you like discounts like me, you definitely need to check them out!!!!!!

I have to say this: who says fashion has to be expensive and from recognized stores and designers right?! It’s all about who wears it and how. 🙂





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