My Bootay Bag is here!


Today I wanted and needed to share about one of the best subscriptions I believe we should all have. This one is called Bootay Bag. Isn’t the name cool and catchy?

Bootay Bag is a monthly subscription of undies. Yes, UNDIES. So for $12/month you receive a cute paper bag (And when I say cute I really mean it…) with two super cute undies inside. They have great designs, models and colors to fit each preference to perfection. PLUS, If you wanna add a bralette, you only pay $13 more!!! $25 for two undies and one bralette? HOT DEAL ALERT!!!!!


Did I mention I absolutely love the bag? (sorry if I’m being intense and going back to it but  I just really love it.) I think it’s an original concept and the best part is that it actually saves the bunch of  paper and plastic we usually receive every time we order something, its ridiculous! I know we all recycle and all but, it’s still a waste!! Thats how I feel anyways..

Of course they have in stock every size and style available for you to pick from (thongs, never thongs or mix them up) Trust me, once you get your first bag in the mail you will be super happy you subscribed!



I got these two: I absolutely love the designs and they’re actually SUPER comfy. The sizing is perfect so you wont have a problem with that either.



If you’re wondering, you will receive a different color and model every month so forget all about getting tired of the same underwear 🙂 It happens to me all the time and I think this is the answer.

But wait, here goes the BEST part of it all. Every time you receive your bag and you post a picture of it (or the undies, doesn’t really matter) on ANY social media with the hashtag #undermatters and you will be helping the company donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. I KNOW! I told you this was like the best subscription ever!

Getting undies in the mail, posting they’re gorgeous items AND helping a foundation while you’re at it… OMG it just can’t get any better than this. Im telling you guys, you should seriously try it out! You will thank me later 🙂

To subscribe now just click  Here

Let me know if you decide to do it and please don’t forget to email me with a thank you note? LOL

Happy rest of the week!!!



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