Jord Watches! My all time fave

Happy Monday!

Ok I’m actually not that excited is Monday either so relax. LOL

I wanted to share with everyone the gorgeous watch I received last week from Jord Watches.

Have you ever thought of wearing a wooden watch? I know what you’re thinking, the concept sounds weird but trust me, it is actually AMAZING.

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about the company. Jord is a unique wood watch brand run mostly by super creative people which includes: artists, designers, etc. They all work as a team and create a perfect design for people to wear! Their pieces are so modern yet classy… Yep, I was thinking about another way to say it but that is just a perfect explanation. They have tons of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from. It all depends on your taste and style.

Ok, so back to my gift… When I received the box in the mail I was just SO excited! I opened the box and found an AMAZING wooden box inside! I’m serious guys, I have tons of watches from recognized brands and this box is the best one I have for sure.


Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s made out of 100% wood. Once I opened the box I found this gorgeous watch inside, I couldn’t believe it. I picked a dark wood and a blue dial (of course it had to be blue LOL). Oh and before I forget, did I mention that when you buy it you actually can ask for them to size it? so you can wear it right away?! (WOW!!)  That’s the best part ever, specially if you have the same trouble as me with a super small wrist.
1-22 (1)I did analyze every design  on their webpage and I absolutely love all of them! They have so many options and different gorgeous colors that I might need another one soon!!!

20707020_10159056963440007_954167595_o (1)

How cute is it? I am literally wearing it with everything lately. It goes with every style, and the color matches my everyday outfits. I’ve received so many compliments when I wear it that it makes me think that if someone would’ve showed me this brand before, I would’ve definitely bought one!


To finish talking about this gorgeous watch, I have to share some great news with everyone!! I am hosting a giveaway with Jord Watches so a lucky winner can receive a $100 gift card to get yours! Those of you who enter the contest, will automatically get $25 off towards your purchase of any brand new watch! EXCITING!!!

To enter the contest just click Here


If you guys are in love with my watch as I am, you can easily get it here:  Bianka’s Pick

And if any of you decide to get one, let me know! I would love to see some more pictures!!!!  🙂


Luxury Wooden Watch

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