Kaleena Thompson, she’s just great!

Hey guys!

So this Saturday I had an amazing photoshoot with a great photographer named Kaleena Thompson. I am so thankful that she contacted me and I could see her talent for myself.

So she had the best idea, she wanted to do a shoot at a farmer’s market which I thought was a great option, specially because I think the place would blend great with my style (casual). Unfortunately, the farmer’s market was closed! 😦

So, you would think that’s a problem for creative people like Kaleena? Nope! She figured out another place we could take the pictures in like 2 minutes. It was right there so we didn’t even have to move!! This place was a cafe called Chef Sucre Cafe (located in Coral Gables, Florida). This is a a cool coffee shop owned by a french, that’s the reason of the name…Sucre means sugar in french ! Chef Sucre Cafe (You learn something new everyday right?) The people were super nice and we order some coffee (which was really good btw). They had some small tables outside with cute flowers on top.

Photo by: Kaleena Thompson
1-12 copy
Photo by: Kaleena Thompson
Photo by: Kaleena Thompson






Kaleena didn’t stop surprising me for one second during the whole shoot with her creativity, she had so many great ideas for poses and spots!  I sat down and drank my coffee while she took the BEST pictures ever! Seriously, no one has ever made me look this good in the morning lol.




So, in regards to my outfit…I wore a blue and white gingham blouse with bell sleeves of course. (Did I mention they’re my favorite…) A basic pair of denim shorts from H&M and my comfy golden mules from H&M as well. My bag was an amazing find from Zara a couple of months ago……… AND I have some great news, this awesome top is on sale for $20!!!!!!! I got it for $50 so trust me this is an good deal and you need to get it NOW:

Zara Blue Gingham Belled Sleeves

Once we were done with the first look,  Kaleena decided that she wanted to shoot the next outfit at the Coral Gables City Hall. This AMAZING building was built on 1928 by Harold Steward and Phineas Paist, recognized artists for their gorgeous style in architecture. My look and the place mixed up perfectly for the pics.

Photo by: Kaleena Thompson

I wore something a little dressier!! A pair of fuchsia trousers (Zara) , a white lace off the shoulder top (Zara), and a pair of gold mid-high block heels from Aldo. Unfortunately, the pants in fuchsia are out of stock, but I found the same one in red AND on sale for $20!!! (Original price was $70). I linked a pair of baby pink color as well just in case….. 🙂

Baby Pink Trousers

Hot Red Trousers


Ok but seriously guys, it’s not the place the clothes or the model that makes the pictures look this great, it’s Kaleena!!!! She has so much talent, I was really impressed.



Photo by: Kaleena Thompson

Everything about this place is perfect!! It is one of the oldest buildings in Miami, a fun fact: In 1974 it was included in US National Register of Historic Places.


Photo by: Kaleena Thompson
Photo by: Kaleena Thompson


I had so much fun shooting with Kaleena! And keep in mind this was my very first professional photo shoot for my blog, I was exciting but nervous at the beginning, but she made me feel so comfortable that it was pretty easy! Can’t wait to have another session with her soon!


Photo by: Kaleena Thompson

I was so pleased with her work and talent that I would totally recommend her to anyone who needs a photoshoot. She even takes wedding pictures! Oh if I was about to marry, I would pick her to take my pictures FOR SURE!!! This is her gallery, take a look :

Kaleena Thompson Photography


PS: make sure you follow her on IG as well!!


Happy week everyone!


Bianka Walker

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