My 4th of July AMAZING bikini and my one-piece…

Hey everyone!


I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend with your family and friends!

I want to share some of my swimwear picks from this weekend! I had the most amazing time with some of my best friends who came down to Miami from Ft Myers, FL. (I used to live there a few years ago and the friends I made there, will always be my soul- sisters ). The last time we were all together was 7 years ago, and it felt like yesterday!

They came with their hubbies and kids… We had the best time ever.

On Saturday we went to the beach, I wore my new bikini (And the most comfy one I own) from H&M.  I need to confess one of the biggest issues I have, my boobs are too big for my body!!! (I know, no one talks about it) .. Yes, having big boobs looks amazing when they are proportionate to your body … But I am super skinny and seriously my back hurts sooo much,  I even think they look funny on me. I am a size 34DD and sometimes even a DDD! I mean, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have my size!!!! I’ve tried so many times, the last time I ever entered the store was when a lady said: “We’re so sorry ma’m, we actually don’t have your size” ..Ok not coming back ever again, thanks! LOL.. Do you know how frustrating this is??? AAAHGGG….  When it comes to bikinis, the story continues… The cup is super small but the back is perfect….. So, I made it my mission to find a nice and comfy bikini to wear this summer (Hopefully more than one) AAAAND I found it!! This H&M bikini is perfect for my body type! It keeps all my boobie problems away for a while and might I add the color and texture is gorgeous!! Oh and of course, like all my picks ,super affordable!

PS: Please forgive the white light on top of me, I really don’t know what it is. Do you guys have any idea???


Here are the links to buy this beauty: Bikini Top , Bikini Bottoms

My second swimwear pick for this weekend was a super comfy one piece swim suit… This one is from H&M as well. I saw this one when I got the monthly subscription magazine in my mail like 3 months ago, I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to own it cause every time I try a one-piece, my boobies are all over the place. NOT COOL! This one was different though, I tried it on and couldn’t believe it, it fits perfectly and looks amazing!! I usually wear it when we go out on a boat or when I go to the pool to relax or get some work done (Not recommended to go tanning, obviously!).. Did I mention it’s mega comfy and the print is AMAZING?…


Sorry, they don’t have this one in stock anymore.. But here’s a similar one: Pink One-Piece Swimsuit H&M

I hope I find more bikinis that fit my body!! If I do, I will definitely share them! #summervibes



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