Denim Skirt I love you!

Hey guys!

Im writing my third post on this blog. I have so much to write about that I literally had to write everything on a notebook and try to put my ideas together. Today was a super sunny day in Miami and I decided to wear my new denim skirt I bought in H&M last week.

When I tried it on I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not, but I got it and just thought that I would style it at home with what I have in my closet. Anyways, if I don’t like how it looks I could always return it right? Thanks America!! LOL. I know, most of you guys that are reading this are from the US and won’t understand what I just said, but back in Ecuador you could never EVER return anything, never knew why. The denim skirt is only $35 and it looks amazing! It has a nice cut and the color is super nice. I felt so good wearing it, my husband was surprised I was wearing a skirt, I think he’s never seen me in one since we met haha. I know what you’re thinking, a fashion blogger who doesn’t wear skirts? yeah I know it’s weird but what can I say? I’m more of a jean type of girl.

Ok so back to my outfit. I styled it with a cute yellow ruffled sleeve tee (yellow will definitely be my go-to color for the summer) I bought from H&M too. The tee is super comfy and it goes with everything! I got the same one in black and white. It’s only $15! SUPER affordable and a must have!!

After I got the top to style the shirt I decided I would try the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. I tried these, they’re from Steve Madden and they are SO comfy! I love the color, the glitter and the grayish tones, and specially the fact that they’re sneakers! #sneakeraddict. This shoes are only $70. As you can see, the outfit is super affordable and perfect for this hot summer!

To finish the description of my outfit, I wore my Illesteva sunglasses. They’re my favorites! I got them like two years ago and will never be tired of wearing them! The color is soooo gorgeous and I think the round shape goes well with the shape of my face!

Check everything out !!!

Thanks for reading!

Bianka 🙂



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