Zara you’re my ultimate favorite

19197429_10158749890450007_1872665763_o.jpgHey guys!

So today I will talk about one of my favorite go-to store (Not only mine but it’s a favorite for most of us I’m sure). ZARA. I absolutely love all of the things they have in their store.

I wanna try to prove my point in this post that Zara can be affordable if you choose the right pieces and know how to style them. Average prices for my favorites will not go over the $50’s. (Ok maybe one or two but for what the piece is, I will assure you it’s totally worth what you’re paying for.)

Usually I prefer shopping online just because where I live, the store can be a little overwhelming and when I go, it doesn’t end well. (That’s what my wallet says anyways…. LOL) and because the dressing rooms can have endless lines! Ok back to my online shopping……..  When I go to their page I try to see if they have sales. Zara goes on sale twice a year and when I say sale I mean SALE SALE SALE amazing deals and great discounts on pieces you probably bought on full price last week, UPPPS!

After I check and confirm they’re not on sale season, I go and try to look for the categories I most need and know I will be wearing. For example, I live in Miami so I try not to go to the Outwear or Jackets tab, just because I know I will want to buy something I wont even be wearing because of this amazing and warm weather (Thanks Miami!).

After browsing everything and trying to convince my mind that I don’t NEED everything (Confessions of a shopaholic right?) I try to get a cool blouse, a pair of shoes that honestly, most of them are affordable and look super cute and most importantly some denim. I love their jeans, I think they’re one of the only ones that fit great to my body. Zara has amazing findings and it will definitely always be my go-to store for any affordable fashion piece.

I’ve tried to select some of my favorites and affordable pieces from their page, it was hard but I assure you I gave it my best. Haha

Have fun girls!

For more info and shopping go to: Zara

ME 🙂



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